David Paul of Warrington

David Paul of Warrington

David Paul of Warrington was established in 1994 and always deliver a high quality, reliable and affordable alternative service to main dealers that can save you upto 60%

David Paul of Warrington was established in 1994 and always deliver a high quality, reliable and affordable alternative service to main dealers that can save you upto 60%

Car MOT’s

Is your car due for an MOT test? Make sure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy by getting it tested annually from when it’s 3 years old. David Paul from Warrington is here to help. If your car passes the test, you’ll receive a VOSA certificate.

If it needs repairs, we’ll provide a no-obligation estimate. You can take the test up to 28 days before the expiry date. Check your current MOT certificate or visit the Government website to find out when your next test is due.

Car Servicing

Servicing your car is such an important aspect of vehicle maintenance. David Paul of Warrington can service your car at a fraction of the price without any manufacturers warranties being affected. Your service record book gets stamped, or your digital service schedule gets updated, after every appointment.

By pinpointing issues before they spiral, regular servicing can save you costly repairs down the road. Mechanics conduct checks on vital components, ensuring optimal performance and detecting potential problems.

Not only does servicing help your engine run smoother (hello, oil changes!), it can also improve fuel efficiency by replacing oil and air filters.

Lastly, routine check-ups can extend the life of your vehicle and raise its resale value. With a complete service history, your beloved vehicle will allure potential buyers and fetch a higher price.

So why wait? Book your next appointment at David Paul of Warrington and save £££s on main dealer prices!

Car Repairs

No matter how well you look after your car it is inevitable that at some point, reapirs will be required. These repairs can be anything from a squeeky wheel to a problem with the engine and if detected and resolved early, it could save you £££s.

David Paul of Warrington can take a look at any issues you are experiencing and provide solutions to get your car back running perfectly and safely.

Car Diagnostic

If you own a German Vehicle, there are many dashboard warnings that are there to protect you and your vehicle. These lights can indicate several underlying issues from minor service indicators to major alerts such as braking problems. That’s why we keep pace with the latest software and hardware by continuously upgrading our diagnostic equipment and training our technicians.

You can rely on our team to accurately identify and resolve any fault in your vehicle. We will communicate the issue with you and provide an estimate before starting any repair work.

Remember to take prompt action if any warning light flashes on the dashboard — do not wait until it’s too late!

Air Conditioning

At David Paul of Warrington, we want to make sure you have the best ride possible. That’s why we offer a complete air conditioning recharge service, so you can keep you cool all year round. And before we do any work, we provide a free air con check to determine if you need a recharge.

Depending on the make and year of your car, we’ll advise you on the best refrigerant gas and provide an estimate before starting any service.

Come see us to keep your air con running with peak performance.

Car Brakes

If your brakes aren’t up to standard, your vehicle might not stop the vehicle as efficiently as they should do and therefore put you and others in danger.

But don’t worry – at David Paul of Warrington, we’re equipped with the latest tools and experienced technicians to ensure your brakes are in top condition.

Car Timing Chain

For your engine to run perfectly, the timing chain must effortlessly rotate around the gears. The timing chain itself coordinates the rotation and permits the engine’s valves to open and close during each firing cylinder.

Even though the timing chain is made from metal, it is subject to wear and tear and will in time need replacing as recommended by the manufacturer in their guide.

Car Gear Box

Looking after your vehicle’s transmission / gearbox is crucial, as improper care can lead to expensive repairs or replacements.

That’s why it’s essential to replace the gearbox oil according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which can vary significantly.

At David Paul of Warrington, we’re here to offer expert help and advice for when you need to replace your gearbox oil or what steps are required to repair it.

Car Cambelts

The vehicles cambelt (or timing belt) is one of the most crucial components of your engine, and over time can become damaged or worn.

David Paul of Warrington can check the condition of your cambelt and provide advice should we detect any wear or cause for concern. If a replacement cambelt is required, then this is a job that we can complete for you and save £££’s on main dealer prices!

Customer Reviews to be proud of..

“Excellent, speedy work carried out on replacing a broken coil spring on my Audi Q3. Main dealer said it would be 2 months before an available slot for repair was available on what after all is a safety issue!!!. A no brainer as to who I will be using in future!”