BMW Condition Based Servicing

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Most BMW models now feature Condition Based Servicing (CBS), which replaces the older inspection-style service system. Condition Based Servicing works by using the vehicle sensors to constantly monitor parts that are subjected to wear. When the service component is no longer working at full efficiency, it will alert the driver by activating the service symbol on the dashboard.

The driver is then able to access this information using the on-board computer management system. David Paul of Warrington can assess this information in order to provide suitable recommendations and costings.

Engine Oil
The engine oil and oil filter are replaced. With every 3rd oil change: Air filter is replaced, Fuel filter is replaced (diesel models only).
BMW micro filtersMicro Filters
Replace micro filter. Reset indicator.
BMW front brakesFront Brakes
Brake pads are changed. Brake discs measured and replaced if necessary. Reset indicator.
BMW rear brakesRear Brakes
Brake pads are changed. Brake discs measured and replaced if necessary. Handbrake checked. Reset indicator.
BMW brake fluid ServicingBrake Fluid
Brake fluid is changed. Reset indicator.
BMW diesel filterDiesel Filter
Diesel filter is changed. Reset indicator.
All vehicles 3 years and older must have a current MOT certificate.
BMW spark plugsSpark Plugs
Spark plugs are replaced. Reset indicator.
BMW vehicle checkVehicle Check
Comprehensive inspection and engine diagnostics.

For more information on BMW Condition Based Servicing, contact David Paul of Warrington on 01925 818900